Keeping Clients on Process

Keeping Clients on Process

Let’s face it, money hemorrhages out of even the biggest and best-run businesses out there. So how do we keep the oil in the motor?

This might seem like a no-brainer, but keeping clients “On Process” is one of the best ways to ensure a project goes smoothly from start to finish, resulting in a healthy bottom line.

So what is “Process?”

When you boil it down, Process is fundamental organization. Know the moving parts of your business. See what works, and what doesn’t. After meticulous analyzing and hours spent in study groups, you have (or are developing) a pretty decent idea of your perfect way of doing business.

The key is to communicate this to your home team. You and your team need to know the process better than anyone. You have to be so well versed that it becomes second nature, engrained in the way you work and operate in your daily role.

Once this is accomplished, transferring this knowledge to the client is as simple as:

  • a conversation at startup,
  • maintaining an open line of communication, and
  • steering them in the right direction with the appropriate deadlines of deliverables.

To keep a client on process, keep your team on process. Then roll out a methodology to easily communicate this to your client through either an infographic, web application, or a simple conversation and you should be in smooth waters.

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