Leadership: From the Top Dog

Leadership: From the Top Dog

Turtle, our Canine Team Lead, earned his title because he is here for his full shift at the office every day, and he is the ideal office dog. While this may sound like a joke, here are a few things leaders can take away from Turtle’s stellar example:

Let your tail wag – Turtle doesn’t have much of a tail…it’s more of a nub. But he wags that nub all the time, showing his excitement about everything.

  • Be excited about the things you are doing, and get others excited too! Positivity about changes, new projects, the work you are doing, etc, goes a long way. If you expect your followers to be excited, you should start by conveying your excitement.

Slobber on people – Ok, don’t really slobber on people. Giving big wet slobbery kisses is how Turtle shows his affection to just about everyone.

  • The takeaway here is to give praise to your employees. A good pat on the back and “job well done” will be just fine. Just make sure you are letting your employees know that you appreciate their hard work, especially when they do great things.

Take time to nap – I wouldn’t suggest taking as many naps as Turtle does, or taking them around the office.

  • I do suggest you take time to recharge and take time for yourself. Although you probably think you can, you cannot work at 100% 24/7. If you try, you will most likely get burnt out really fast. In order to work at 100% while you are leading your employees, you have to take a few “naps.” Then get back to chasing those rabbits.

Jump the fence – Sometimes Turtle gets tired of playing in the yard and wants to see if there is a bigger yard on the other side of the fence.

  • Being a leader is about not being contained to the current ways of doing things, or even to the things you currently do. Who knows what you will find, or what will happen, but great leaders know it is worth a shot.

Lead the pack – Being a leader is not just a title. The greatest quality of a leader is they actually lead (imagine that).

  • Whether you are the fastest, like Turtle, or the smartest, like Turtle, there is something that sets you apart as a leader. This quality may have helped you secure a leadership position or may have helped you lead other in the past – either way, individuals will have the expectation that you will lead them so don’t let them down!

what have you learned from leading your pack? What are some tips that your furry friends have taught you about successful leadership? Let us know in the comments!

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