Lemonade and a Realization

Lemonade and a Realization

After being cleared for the New Year, it didn’t take long for our wins board to start filling up.   It is crazy to see how many wins our team has had after just two months.  Typically, unless something really big and exciting happened the week before, a person doesn’t think of it as being a great week.  However, when you start Monday morning off by talking about all the little wins each employee had, you realize how great each week really was.  As an intern especially, I feel it’s a really nice way to reflect on the new things that I learned and experienced the previous week.

Last week we signed our first ongoing social media client.  This is a new service offering for goBRANDgo! that I had the privilege of helping develop.  I enjoy developing new ideas and ways to help our clients achieve their goals.  This new service is very timely, as so many small business know they should be using social media, but just don’t know how or where to start.  Of course this offering is consistent with how goBRANDgo! offers every other service; it’s a matter of time verse resources.  We can tell you where and how to start, we can help you get started, or you can hand the whole duty over to us to manage; which are perfect options for the entrepreneurs we work with.

I also learned a really handy exercise called Priority Star.  This is a facilitated exercise we offer our clients to identify and prioritize goals.  I’m sure many companies feel overwhelmed with everything they need and want to accomplish throughout the year. This is a great way to narrow, combine, and ultimately decide on five major priorities.  I will definitely be using this exercise throughout my career.

Then I always have a fun win for the week because I think it’s really important to reflect on little things that make work fun.  Last week Brandon and I spent half a day out by St. Peters (roughly 45 minutes from the office) for client meetings.  After only getting us lost twice, I suggested we stop for food at a local coffee shop, Crooked Tree Coffee House.  Neither of us opted for coffee at the coffee shop; we instead ordered lemonade.  Not just any lemonade, freshly squeezed lemonade! See the picture for more detail on how the best lemonade is made.

This adventure, and the exceptional service this little coffee shop provided us, made me realize why I love being a part of a marketing firm.  Every one of our clients is a company to brag about.  I love helping spread the word for these types of businesses, helping them thrive, and getting them the customer loyalty they deserve.

Each Monday, I am reminded of how glad I am to be a part of this growing company, how much I am learning, and how excited I am for the coming weeks.

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