LinkedIn Account Construction: Step-By-Step

LinkedIn Account Construction: Step-By-Step

Not everyone has the tech-savvy-skillz that can be found in the goBRANDgo! halls. So we thought it would be prudent to show exactly how one sets up a LinkedIn account.
As I was away from my desk, my evil twin, Evil Brian Dooley, decided to lend a hand by setting up his own account. I’m not sure how he intended it to be used against me, because as it turns out, it’s pretty helpful!

For a list of what you need before you build your profile, check this out.

If you have all of that ready and just want to get started, here you go!

And here’s the finished result: Evil Brian Dooley’s LinkedIn Profile

Here’s one that’s less…evil: Brian Dooley’s LinkedIn Profile

What are some best practices that you recommend when setting up your LinkedIn profile? Share them in the comments below!

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