LinkedIn Groups: The Super Team-Up of Online Networking

LinkedIn Groups: The Super Team-Up of Online Networking

Groups on LinkedIn have the potential to be one of the most useful digital tools available for making connections and establishing your personal brand.

If LinkedIn is the world’s largest networking event (a term that I don’t believe I coined, but will totally take credit for if no one else steps forward), then Groups are the different pockets of activity during the everlasting cocktail hour.

Speaking more to my interests and maturity level: If LinkedIn were a community of super-heroes, then Groups would be the different super team-ups that protect the various cities/worlds/galaxies/dimensions.

When you join a group on LinkedIn, you are able to participate in any number of ongoing conversations from people that operate inside of very focused parameters. This allows you to test the prevailing winds on specific issues, to share updates with the people who are most likely to benefit from them, and to look smart in front of people that you would like to impress.

In comics terms, members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants would have every opportunity to work alongside the X-Men, showing them that bein’ evil isn’t always so bad.

Groups have the added benefit of effectively giving you 2nd-degree connections to all of the other group members. This means that you will be able to directly reach out to people you might not have had access to before.* For credibility, leads, and even jobs, LinkedIn Groups blow the door wide open for you to speak directly with those most able to help propel you onward and upwards.

Looking back at the Brotherhood and X-Men, Groups would allow, say, Quicksilver to speak with Professor X, and introduce the possibility of Quicksilver working as an adjunct X-Man from time to time, or even as a full-time member! He never would have gotten that gig if it weren’t for LinkedIn Groups!

Since becoming active in LinkedIn groups about 2 months ago, I’ve grown my connections over 30%, been invited to speak at two different events, and been a guest on an industry radio program. I am not guaranteeing results, but the results are there to be gotten.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to see if there are any good discussions on the Justice League Group…perhaps they could use some branding…

*Standard LinkedIn courtesy still applies. Don’t be a creeper. Don’t friend request people that you don’t have a connection to. If you follow someone or have interacted with them in some way, let them know in your contact request.

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