L'MOA Review December 2012

L'MOA Review December 2012

This is the inaugural L’MOA review post.  You will be seeing these weekly so lets educate your beautiful posteriors.

L – Last
M – Month
O – of (usually not abbreviated, but we needed another vowel)
A – Awesomeness(Google it, and see our shining faces)….(if you don’t see our faces, Google is in error)

A post designated to going over all the crazy, amazing, and boundary pushing things that our creative team does to make you rethink your existence.  If you see this post, you will be enlightened.  You will find religion.  You may even love a higher power*

*We mean Google, if you have something/one higher than that, awesome!

First on the list for Design:  D$ on Centorbi Logo

Denny on Centorbi Logo

Next on Development we have: Ben (aka Glacier aka Beef Dust aka Lazer aka Sam) Rocking ProIrrigation Scheduling Site.

Ben on ProIrrigation Scheduling Page

and last, we have a sweet little treat for you…

Recently goBRANDgo! acquired Parabolic Media (a kickass video company in St. Louis)  and this is a little taste based off of a certain Denny Blackwell, a couple of beers, and some audio recorded off of some phones.  Note this is a sweet little blurb that we did to test our skills at doing a full presentation like this.  You need some sweet video graphics, you know who to call. (hint* its not Ghost Busters)

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