LWOA = "Last Week of Awesomeness";

LWOA = "Last Week of Awesomeness";

Wins post of the week 9/9/11

Last week of awesomeness (LWOA) is a new concept that we have initiated and as way of highlight the truly awesome and creative ideas that all gobrandgo employees bring to the table each week. We believe that all creative vision should be recognized and any implementation of that creativity should be showcased. Motivating the employees is one of the most effective actions a company can take towards improving go!ductivity and go!ficiency. LWOA is also a tool that allows us to inform our team of marketing strategists on new product offerings, abilities, and tools we have added to our arsenal of awesomeness.

The point here is that if something awesome happens make it known to everyone. What good is greatness if you keep it locked up?

goBRANDgo! Out

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