Magic HTML5 and CSS3 Compatibility Oil!

Magic HTML5 and CSS3 Compatibility Oil!

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Much like the title of this article that I read on the Interwebs, the title of this short post is misleading at best.

I was thinking that the javascript options of “selectivizr” and “modernizr” would be fantastical salves that automagically converted our bleeding-edge html5 and css3 into something that IE (and other dinosaurical archaic crimes against browser-kind) can render.   This would give us the opportunity to (for lack of a less geeky analogy) take all powers from the shields (engineering things to look nicely in bad browsers) and divert it to the warp drive (engineering things that look great and shatter boundaries).

Upon further research, it seems that we don’t have that at all. What we have is a snippet of script that enables us to keep several styles on one stylesheet, and will automatically call the correct styles based on the browser used. This is similar to–and according to my brief research, better (more functional and elegant) than–the current method of setting up multiple stylesheets to account for Microsoft’s inability to play nice with anything created after the bronze age.

Cam, our resident code jockey, believes that it would be easier to continue with multiple stylesheets, particularly when it comes to debugging. I defer to his greater experience, but still feel like a new toy–I mean, a new tool–could really benefit us. Does anyone have an opinion? A success story? An epic failure story? Please weigh in in the comments and possibly help shape the forward progress of gBg!

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