Make the Most of Linkedin

Make the Most of Linkedin


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Social media marketing, part of digital marketing, is a great way to build relationships and grow your business. It’s no surprise Linkedin recently ranked as the second most popular social media platform in the world. If you’re not making the most of your Linkedin account, here are 7 steps to grow your business on Linkedin.

1.  Professional profiles only
Have you ever Googled your name? Nine times out of ten the very first thing you’ll see is your Linkedin profile. Linkedin has some powerful SEO mojo so think of your profile as your resume to the world.  Be sure it touts a decent photo of you, at least 5 glowing recommendations from others, and links to your professional websites.  Use keywords in your summary, link to your Twitter account if you have one, and link your business name to your Linkedin company profile listing.

2.  Regularly Share an update
Sharing an update is one of Linkedin’s best networking features. If you’re not using it, you’re missing out.   Why? Because every time you share an update your connections are notified via email as well as on Linkedin’s home page.  My recent update states, ” Training two PA and one MD company to blog using search engine optimized content.” In just a few words I let my connections know details about several services my company provides without the hard sell.  Social media is all about pull, not push marketing.

3.  Comment on an update
Respond to updates from others and show them you’re not always thinking about yourself.   Connecting with others is why Linkedin is social media. Remember, your comments mean something to the person who posted. Everyone loves to be noticed.

5.  Use a Linkedin app or two
For profile wow effect, as well as to better explain what you do, employ one or several Linkedin apps. If you have a Powerpoint presentation, load it to Slideshare and use the Slideshare app. If you blog, use the WordPress app.  Linkedin offers a variety of useful apps to choose from –  explore them and determine which best reflect you and your business.

6.  Join groups and interact appropriately
Although it’s a business oriented platform, Linkedin groups span both personal and professional interests.  A few of my favorite groups are Linked Locals Adams York, Martial Artists Black Belts, and Digital Marketing.  How does joining groups benefit you? Each group gives you the opportunity to meet new people who share your interests.  Often, group members pose discussion questions or post articles of interest. If moved, you should comment on group discussion posts as well as create discussion posts of your own. Avoid spamming, arrogance, or the hard sell. Social media doesn’t approve of these behaviors. Special bonus: After you comment on a discussion, Linkedin allows you to invite discussion participants to connect with you.  I’ve made a lot of interesting friends this way.

7.  Share blog posts with your groups
I consider this my best kept secret (until now). If you’re a blogger, share your blog posts with some or all of your Linkedin groups.  A notable one quarter of my blog traffic comes directly from Linkedin.

How do you use Linkedin to grow your business?
Linkedin is not a simple platform; rather, it is complex with many options and so I ask my readers this question:  How do you use Linkedin to grow your business?  Sharing your answers here is good for everyone, including you.  :)

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