Mind the Gaps in Your Business

Mind the Gaps in Your Business

Written by: David Blaise, Top Secrets of Promotional Products Sales

Posted by: Derek Weber

In the London subway system or “Underground,” visitors will notice signs that say “Mind the Gap.”

These signs refer to the gap between the train and the station platform. In some cases, the gap is just a few inches wide… enough to lose a shoe if you’re not careful. In other areas, the gap can be nearly a foot wide… enough to lose a child if you’re not careful!

Today, I’d like to encourage you to “Mind the Gaps” in your own business life. That means first being mindful of the gaps… being aware of them. But it also means being concerned or disturbed about the gaps. Do you mind the gaps? Do the gaps bother you? If they don’t, they should…

There are two primary gaps that keep us from earning up to our potential. The first are the gaps in what we know. Gaps in our knowledge of prospecting, making effective presentations, and following up intelligently and thoughtfully. Second are the gaps in what we do. It’s one thing to know that we need to be prospecting daily, it is entirely another thing to actually do it as consistently as we know we should. Knowing and doing are two different things.

Finally, as Mark Twain pointed out, there are “things we know that just ain’t so.” These preconceived, and often incorrect notions also create unnecessary gaps in our lives.

What are the biggest gaps that are currently holding you back? Are they gaps in knowledge, gaps in applying what you know, or both? This week, take just a few moments to consider the biggest gaps that you need to bridge in your selling career. Then commit to taking just one small action today, and each day going forward, to begin bridging those gaps for yourself and those you care about.

David Blaise

Top Secrets of Promotional Products Sales

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