Minding the Value Gap: Wins for the Week 6/11/12

Minding the Value Gap: Wins for the Week 6/11/12

Last week we did a couple of things.  We had some cool meetings, more whiteboard wisdom from Derek, and we rolled into finishing up a lot of projects.  Derek taught us about the value gap and the higher you are inside the gap the easier it is to navigate the few obstacles that do show up.  In addition to the little bit of wisdom, we rolled out a team initiative/competition to find extra value.  $10K already found in the preseason. Obviously we are pretty pumped about that, especially to see what kind of money we can find/save over the two month competition.

StraightUp Solar, has a new website.  Erin Noble,  Dane Glueck, and the rest of the team have done a fantastic job greening up the greater St. Louis area with their solar panel and water heating installs.  They have a lot of cool stuff going on and are great people to talk to if you have any green energy questions.

Also per the previous post, the creative team has been living on the 3rd floor for a week.  So we first floor-ers did some redecorating ourselves.  I often have thought of such things as the image suggest.  Well this week we made it happen. the Doolinger(Brian Dooley, Dennis Caplinger) desk is now a shared desk centrally located on the first floor.  Now I am never far away from my bearded counterpart.

Last huge win for the week was Friday having a meeting with Bob, Brandon, Derek and myself(Dennis), which I like to call the B2D2 meeting.  We are going to start doing these once a month and cranking away on value related projects to really drive efficiency and mind that value gap.  As we went over the original plan we realized we cranked out some awesome results and came up with even more ideas that we can implement over the next month to really get closer to having meetings on tropical beaches.


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