More Touch Points, Less Tune Outs w/ Integrated Targeted Marketing

More Touch Points, Less Tune Outs w/ Integrated Targeted Marketing
written by Derek Weber

I was having lunch at a great local Vietnamese restaurant with my good friend Scott Ginsberg, (if you don’t know, you need to…check out Scott’s work, pretty impressive) and I was telling him how I was having a hard time coming up with an effective name for our new ‘integrated turn key drip targeted marketing program’…cuz that’s a mouth full, now isn’t it?  So, in the standard format of Scott and Derek brainstorming sessions, we started breaking down the different elements of the program and get to the true essence of the value added to my clients with a program like this.

One of the things I discussed with him was how ineffective traditional direct marketing campaigns are because they are too predictable. When the same direct mail piece comes this month as the last couple months, it doesn’t get opened or even a second look…it goes right into the trash can, and at that point the company’s marketing has been officially tuned out.  This happens on many different marketing platforms as well.  You make the drive from your home to work at least 10 times per week, but can you remember all the billboards on that drive?  I can’t imagine there are too many people that can, yet those companies are paying for each car that drives by. The last thing you want to do is have your marketing dollars fall on deaf ears and blind eyes.  Another analogy for this phenomenon can be illustrated in your work outs.

If you do the same work out every day over and over your results will quickly plateau as your body builds a tolerance to that work out; in a way, your body tunes out the work out.  The only way to avoid work out plateaus is to vary your work out.  The same thing holds true for your marketing.

The best way to prevent tune outs from happening is applying an integrated targeted marketing program.  By using a combination of direct mail, promotional products, and digital marketing (website, social media, email newsletters, etc) you will achieve a greater number of high impact touch points while reducing the rate of tune outs.

I want to hear how you are taking steps to avoid customer tune outs in your business.  Leave a comment with your best approach in preventing customer tune out.

Derek Weber
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