Movin' on Up!

Movin' on Up!

Things are sure lookin’ sunny around goBRANDgo! With all the great things have been happening with our company and team, we are practically radiating positive energy. Just walk inside our door and you’ll be sure to feel it.

The go! office recently turned GREEN…

Placed throughout the office, these blue bins collect all of our recyclable waste (like paper, plastics, aluminum, cans, cardboard, and glass). Instead of taking up space in landfills, this “trash” will be broken down and remade into something new!

Some exciting things have also been happening with our team members! I, Virginia, moved last Saturday to a charming, 1920’s style apartment (updated with central air and kitchen appliances!!) in a really nice area overlooking Forest Park. With a new job (5 weeks!) and a new apartment, things are sure moving forward!

Krystyna, one of our graphic designers, also happened to move into a great place this past weekend and is super excited. Rob, Marketing Strategist, helped move a friend last weekend. And that’s not it. Brent, an Account Manager at goBRANDgo!, completely moved a family member out of their old house and into a new house in one day last week! I’m so happy for everyone. Let’s keep movin’ on up!!

My wins for the past week:

  1. I conducted my very first Fact Finding Meeting last Monday with Lisa, Dan, and Liz Lohman. Dan Lohman, our wonderful client from Warehouse of Fixtures, referred his mother, Lisa Lohman, to us. Lisa owns a jewelry making business called Fleur de Lisa and is an extremely talented artist. I am so excited to start working with these wonderful people and help build Lisa’s business!
  2. Following Fleur de Lisa’s Fact Finding Meeting, I led my first official Strategy Session with Tim Dean, another go! Marketing Strategist, and Katie LaMarsh, one of our Account Managers. It was a very successful session with many creative ideas generated!
  3. Lastly, I attended my first go! Getters Series last Wednesday, which was a hit! (See my last post).

**To my fellow go!ers, please comment with your own wins for last week. We’d love to hear!

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