It’s Movember, and last week one of the GBGer’s (Jim Britton) presented the team with an idea and an opportunity to help raise money for the local St. Louis area Foodbank;”Let’s all grow beards and get people to sponsor us to do so”.  Up to $1 day for the full month of November, yes I’ll be honest I was on the fence.

The deal is I’ve done the no shaving thing before and it honestly gets old. You can only take so much of the “Grizzly Adams” outdoors man look before you look at yourself in the mirror and can’t stop itching to the point you just grab a razor and go to work (hey I’m single and I’m only getting older here people, I’m trying to clean up my image a little bit and attract members of the opposite sex rather than scare them away). So then Jim went and did it, he threw in a heartfelt story about how he’s experienced firsthand the benefits of St. Louis area Foodbank and I was sold.

The troops rallied and and nearly everyone is on board, here we are…..”Novembeard” and no shaving for 30days. It’s honestly a small price to pay for a great cause and something we’re all very happy and proud to be a part of here at GoBrandGo. So get engaged, check out the progress on our Facebook page and reach out to find out how you can benefit the cause.

Who knows, come November 30th maybe a Tom Selleck style mustache or two will make an appearance at the office.

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