On Being the New Girl

On Being the New Girl

‘Tis true, I am officially one of the new girls at goBRANDgo!, but due to LASIK surgery I am without the quirky glasses.
We all know what it feels like to be the new kid on the block, and we generally have the same anxieties about it.

In fact, it’s very similar to your first day of school…

With a few minor tweaks.

“Where’s my locker,” turns into, “where’s my desk?”
“Will my teachers like me,” turns into, “will I get along with my co-workers?”
There’s still a layer of lunchroom anxiety, but rather than wondering where you’ll sit in the cafeteria, you’re stuck pondering lunchtime etiquette. Do people eat at their desk? Can I heat up broccoli in the microwave, or will I be forever banned?*
The hardest part of every new gig is learning the company culture.
For a new girl, the general questions we ask ourselves tend to be:

  • What should I wear?
  • Where is the bathroom?
  • Is the guy on the 4th floor single or taken?**

I quickly learned all of these answers at goBRANDgo!, and in fact, the culture (alongside the award-winning work) is one of the main reasons I was drawn to the company.
There aren’t many workplaces where you can feel passionate about what you do while petting your dog during a client call to Germany.
I’m also pretty sure I’d be laughed at for all eternity if I showed up to work wearing a business suit.

Which is why I like it here.

I’ve found that a friendly, laid-back environment with creative minds is the perfect incubator for world domination…oh, and also kick ass marketing strategies.
As long as I don’t go all Miley Cyrus*** on my fellow colleagues, I think I’ll be just fine.


In fact, I’ll be more than fine because the guy down on the 1st floor knows all the lyrics to the Busta Rhymes rap in “Look At Me Now” andMeatball just managed to climb on top of the conference table during our morning meeting, which isn’t an easy feat for such a girthy bulldog.

*it is NEVER ok to heat broccoli up in the microwave, unless you hate your coworkers.
**[editor’s note: There is no 4th floor.]
***I’m not linking to this.
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