They say the best way to retain information is to teach and impart that knowledge on to someone else. When on-boarding new hires into your company, you have a golden opportunity to not only set the bar, but reinforce and build upon pre-existing knowledge and processes.

When embarking on the on boarding process, you may find yourself cruising through an iron clad, time tested process that streamlines your efforts and maximizes learning potential. But if you are like the rest of us out there, this is where multiple questions, ifs, thens, and buts appear. I have found that this is a golden opportunity to reassess exactly what you are wanting to convey, what is important, and what needs to be filled in subconsciously by the new hire.

Some tips:

  • Create a mind map or chart that breaks the on boarding process into a time unit. Such as days, weeks, or months. Then, write down tasks that need to be accomplished in these days. This gives you a basic road map.
  • Send (if you have available) some reading material to your new hire prior to them starting. This will enable them to get an idea of exactly what their role will be, touch base on some basic workflow processes, and get a better feel for company attitude if it didn’t come all the way across in the interview process.
  • Pair them up with a buddy that will run them through the process and answer the little questions that can often impede progress.
  • Enforce your culture right off the bat. Like a newborn, the first stimuli your new hire receives at the new job will most likely set the president.
  • Create an intra-net focal area for all employees, streamlining and creating version-control of learned processes.

It comes down to you understanding your company better than anyone. Pretend or practice teaching this to a friend. Things get in-depth pretty quickly! Make notes, create a map or chart, practice again. Start with the basics and build upon that framework.

The key is streamlining the learning and keeping it consistent.

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