Our Programming Zombie

Our Programming Zombie

Here at goBRANDgo! we cherish our employees and coworkers and we try to be the habitat where go!getters gather.  One such go!getter has an insatiable appetite and will go through any lengths to make sure he gets what he so craves.

We have a lot of laws governing the fair treatment of every human at work, but what about the inhuman.  I suppose it would only be logical to treat the inhuman, inhumanely, but we try to go above that.  We frequently take our designer/programmer zombie out for lunch, provide beverages, and unshackle him for a good amount of time to let him shamble around the office.  On his favorite holiday of Halloween, the only time people let him near their children and their delectable young minds,(I am taking Brian’s word on that) we decided to satiate our moaning and groaning friend with some cow brain tacos at La Vellesana.  Brian on brains equals happy zombie.

Whether you wish your coworkers death, or they are undead, unsightly, and smell unreasonably bad.  Treat them kindly this holiday season.  Let the werewolves sniff, the vampires work nights, and the zombie’s out to exercise.

Back to the basement Brian! Those websites aren’t going to magically appear, and we don’t want to hear any lamenting groans for a while.

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