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Ingenuity Revealed: LMC Industries Website


INDUSTRY: Contract Manufacturing

LMC Industries is a contract manufacturing company that produces metal stampings, plastic injection moldings, and overmolded parts for OEMs and tiered suppliers in the automotive, agricultural, medical, and consumer products industries.


Updated brand and website that accurately represents the innovation of LMC Industries


increase in page views


Increase in pages per session

Ingenuity Revealed

LMC Industries is a contract manufacturing company that produces metal stampings, plastic injection moldings, and overmolded parts for OEMs and tiered suppliers in the automotive, agricultural, medical, and consumer products industries. Founded in 1945, LMC Industries has been responsible for inventing and producing many of the products we consider commonplace today. Have you ever squirted a can of Reddi-Whip directly into your mouth at midnight in front of the refrigerator? You can thank LMC for that satisfying experience—they invented the plastic valve that makes it possible!

The Challenge

The incredible innovation that was happening inside the company’s four walls was hiding behind a website and brand that needed a shot of energy. Another challenge facing the business was the increasingly commoditized nature of metal stampings in particular and the tendency of customers to make purchasing decisions based solely on price. The brand and website needed to help LMC capture the attention of quality-driven prospective customers that were looking to solve tough manufacturing problems. As the quality standards of OEMs and tiered suppliers continue to evolve, and as industry regulations become more stringent, the technical proficiency of LMC will become increasingly more important in the markets they serve.

The Solution

After researching LMC’s competitors, interviewing several customers, and learning more about the nuts and bolts of the company’s services, we built new brand messaging and a visual identity framework. The new brand system featured customer-focused language with a conversational approach to technical subject matter and visuals that conveyed depth, energy, and precision engineering.

Once we established the brand system, we got to work planning and building the new company website. The first step we took was to establish the goals of the project.

Project Goals

  • Increase qualified website traffic and generate qualified marketing leads
  • Position LMC as an expert in designing for manufacturability
  • Create an editable site that is expandable over time
  • Optimize On-Site SEO to generate more organic traffic
  • Position LMC Industries as a sought-after place of employment

When building the sitemap, we created a structure that would allow room for growth for future capabilities that LMC may offer in the future while making it easy for users to find content relevant to their needs. We designed the landing and archive pages in a way that would allow us to run digital campaigns showcasing several sets of related services together.

To build effective content and showcase LMC’s services, we also spent some time at their facility interviewing subject matter experts and taking photographs. We spent a whole day talking with team members in leadership, human resources, quality, production, and engineering to build on our existing knowledge of the business—and our content team was able to execute the full site’s worth of content from a single day’s worth of interviews.

To showcase the engineering prowess of LMC, we took photos of real parts that had been made in their facility to feature on the website. Having these real photographs helped us visually demonstrate the complexity of the problems that LMC is able to solve. We also captured additional imagery of LMC’s operations and team members to convey the sense of pride and dedication that is central to the company’s culture. On the site, we used custom overlays on many of the photos to reflect the signature look of the new LMC brand identity system.


Increase in session duration


Reduction in bounce rate

Driving Marketing Leads

The previous website had a generic contact form as the only means of capturing user information. When form submissions came in, they would reach a general inbox and a team member would have to forward the inquiry to the appropriate department. We implemented a Request a Quote form on the new site, allowing prospects and customers to send a quote request directly to the sales team. This helps create a better experience for prospects and customers, because sales reps can now view the requests as soon as they’re sent and respond to the customer in a timely manner.

Positioning LMC as an Expert 

We built a Knowledge Center for LMC and packed it with case studies and articles that not only help educate customers, but also create organic traffic opportunities and provide content for social media posts.

Optimizing Onsite SEO

When writing content for the site, we researched which keywords are associated with LMC’s industry and competitors, then worked those keywords into the site’s content. We also made sure photos were tagged appropriately to help them show up in image searches and ultimately push more traffic to the site.

Targeting Potential Employees

LMC Industries is made up of more than machines and technology–it’s full of people who are passionate about the work they’re doing. That’s why we created a Careers section on the new site where prospective employees could learn about the company, what it’s like to work at LMC, the benefits available and open positions.

The Results

Since launch, the data tells a clear story that the updated website is doing a much better job at engaging users:

  • 57.4% increase in page views
  • 29.6% increase in session duration
  • 20.7% increase in pages per session
  • 10.5% reduction in bounce rate

The site has also generated about 10 goal completions (fancy marketer speak for leads captured) per month in the first four months since go!-live, with data trending upwards as the site gains greater visibility. 

We are continuing to create SEO-optimized thought leadership content for the website by publishing articles in the Knowledge Center, which are then shared on the company’s LinkedIn channel and sent to subscribers in an email newsletter. With each piece of content, we also strengthen the internal linking across the entire site, which is another SEO best practice.

Today, LMC Industries has a digital presence that reflects the spirit of innovation and ingenuity that makes the company special. We’re proud to have been a part of positioning another American manufacturing company for growth and success.

“Building a Brand that Reflects the Energy & Innovative Spirit of LMC”

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