Quarterly Strategy Day!…Its Like a Holiday for Us!

Quarterly Strategy Day!…Its Like a Holiday for Us!

A typical quarterly review is held with upper management in a conference room, lunch is ordered and everyone delves into a whirlpool of numbers. Fingers get pointed and successes are patted on the back. If there is a bonus plan, they relate to it. If there isn’t, even less motivation to sit there and listen, let alone participate. Then the plan is rolled out for the next quarter that may have some actionable items. As you leave you have already forgotten 90% of the stuff spewed forth and focus on what you can do as management to motivate the rest of your team, the underlings, the ignored, to do better business.

Welcome to goBRANDgo!’s version, our 2nd Quarter, 2011, Strategy Day recap.

Here is how the Great Game of Business is applied to Empowergize your team. First, a timed agenda, like so:———>

Now the key differences start to take shape. The entire team closed down the office and went offsite to the M.A.C. We started off this meeting just like every other, more WINS! A little bit of a visual recap, compliments of our creative director Lisa Kuntz: goBRANDgo! Quarter 2 Recap Video

Then the financials portion. No finger pointing, no pats on the back, instead Brandon gave us a little education on the financials involved in a small business. We went through the entire first half of 2011’s statement going over everything and boiling it down to our overall profit. Financial literacy is the focus over the next quarter, as Brandon and Derek want the go!Team to be savvier and to understand how to read all of our open book policy and how it directly relates to us. Now obviously there were questions and we had a little trouble with math at first, if worst came to worst we had Krystyna, she loves math.

With our level of education brought up, we all felt a little more aware, at least I wasn’t going to be printing 60 page color documents anymore. Everyone in the office is invested in this company and its growth, and with pieces like this we understand more and hopefully make more intelligent decisions.

Further down the agenda we went into what we love about the company. We shared stories of how we all joined for the beautiful office “scenery”, well at least I did. Then we got a little personal, with goals. We all listed out our goals, personal and/or professional, for the next 90 days, and our lifetime goals. And Bam! Like a marketing firm we had ideas for helping one another flying across the table. We were all eager to help each other and a lot of people have some awesome, yet attainable, goals. Bonding time well spent. In line with this we started accountability groups and threw in some go!-a-tois, threesomes of employees from varying departments, to help with personal goals and internal improvements. We had rolled these out earlier in the month and essentially recapped what was working and what we needed to change(pluses and deltas). With this we went over the processes and finished with our anonymous survey results of how we are “satisfied” to “very satisfied” to work here.

Goals/Vision/Mission statements, these are the embodiment of our company and we even tweaked them a little as we went. Want to know who we are? First, talk to us, second take a look at our soon to be office art:

We then split up to come up with stories that embody our Company. We mentioned things like how Customer’s like Anderson Building Company developed a relationship with us through being open and honest. Tim had the “Vision” – and talked about how go!-Getter Series is the perfect example of making goBRANDgo! a “habitat where go-getters gather to transform opportunity into reality…and be awesomer.” Virginia’s value was “radiate passion and positive energy” and the example was Derek and Katie presenting Mission go! Possible. Katie had “grow personally and professionally everyday,” which she equated to Lisa in her first management role. Brent talked about being “confidently humble” and referred to Derek making the “SBA 100 People you Should Know” unknowingly picking up the paper and flipping through to see who he knew that was in there, low and behold, it was himself, along with a lot of other friends.

After this, we had a little experiment of role playing in someone else’s shoes…? By shoes, I mean swapping clothes with the person you are playing, and over exaggerating any and all mannerisms to the point we laughed so hard we cried. Just a taste:

This led into our communication map, and what we are going to change to improve the interdepartmental communication and to better use our time as well as serve our clients. Snowballing into all of the take aways from our meeting, what we loved, what we can do to improve, and lastly what we can do to make an already awesome strategy day, more awesomer.

My last bit is for all my go!teammates. Let’s get some discussion down below on what you loved most about Friday’s strategy meeting, and how it will effect us in the future. I want some documented material. (Note: not everyone can use Brian in a tube-top as their favorite thing)

As for our other readers, comment, ask questions, or get in touch with us if you are curious as to how to improve your internal meetings, practice open book policies, or get all your employees to drink the kool-aid. This is our way of doing things and for most of us here at the office, it is a blast of fresh air as we jumped off the cliff of old business paradigms and into goBRANDgo! We would love to spread our passion and philosophies to anyone and everyone who is thirsty enough to taste them.

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