QE-405…an Old, New Raison d'Etre!

QE-405…an Old, New Raison d'Etre!

Simply put, the Pentel .5mm QE405  is quite possibly the greatest technological advance in graphite-transmission methodology ever.

I got one of these pencils back in seventh grade (1995?). I loved that pencil. I used the same pencil up through high school. I used it for writing, drawing, …uh, well, I used it fro writing and drawing. I’m not sure what else there really is. But I did a LOT of writing and drawing, and my trusty QE405 was always by my side. I know that somewhere in my archives, there is a picture of a hulking QE405 chasing off a frightened HB pencil and Pink Pet eraser.

Sometime during college, or perhaps shortly thereafter, I lost touch with my QE405. Sad times. I had to make due with other various mechanical or wooden substitutes. Some reached for greatness, but they were all like ashes in my mouth. Once you’ve beheld the face of True Beauty, everything else seems dull. I even recently started using inkpens to express myself in written form. Imagine the depths of my sorrow.

THEN! An epiphany. I had almost forgotten my old friend. The perfect weight, the ease of loading. The enormous lead repository, the width and oh-so-slight texture… But someone was talking about mechanical pencils in the office, and I started waxing all poetical-like about my childhood chum. One thing led to another, and I found myself looking on eBay, where a seller claimed to be selling the fabled QE405 in boxes of 12!

I wasted no time in getting my purchase approved and getting a box ordered. Less than a week later, I was holding one in my hand!

Artist's rendering...and actual pencil

Joy was instrumental in this, and I will never forget that it was she who reunited me with the tool that has once again become an extension of my arm, nay, an extension of my persona.

Thanks, Joy! And I hope that everyone else is able to benefit from this order as well! If you work here, come by my desk and grab one. If you don’t work here, track down the Pentel .5mm QE405, and order it. Use it. Love it.

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