Ready, Set, go!-celerator

Ready, Set, go!-celerator

[This guest post was written by Nick Turner of HCP United, the winners of the 2013 go!-celerator program. -ed.]


Are We Crazy?

On a daily basis, young entrepreneurs are faced with challenges and tasks that are constantly pushing them to expand their comfort zone and adapt on the fly.

Many new graduates are struggling to find jobs or postponing entry into the “real world” via graduate school and trying to pay back student loans; young entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are doubling down on risk and trying to prove their value in industries that often spurn inexperience and avoid innovation at all costs.

We must be crazy right?

We Are Not Alone

Thankfully, there are people and companies out there who are willing to lend a hand and who are willing to bet on your passion and determination.

Having been through a gauntlet of business plan competitions (and winning our fair share, I might add), my colleagues and I were more than intrigued when we came across a flyer for a new accelerator programmer dubbed “The go!-celerator.”

Dreamt up by a spunky/entrepreneurial focused marketing firm—also known as goBRANDgo! (gBg!)—this “too good to be true” offer included:

  • free housing,
  • free utilities,
  • free office space,
  • a marketing budget, and
  • experienced mentorship for a full year.

Sounds great, but “what’s the catch?”

After a bit more research, we quickly discovered that:

  • there was no business plan required,
  • no detailed financial projections,
  • no legal jargon, and
  • best of all, ZERO equity was requested for participating companies.

Even more awesome—albeit peculiar in comparison to most incubators and accelerators—this competition was only available to 20-something-year-old entrepreneurs.

It took a few clever YouTube videos, a lot of coffee, the dreaded ‘all-nighter,’ and a final interview, but eventually HCP United was named the inaugural go!-celerator class.*

A press conference was called and within a few weeks, our growing healthcare/technology start-up had garnered quite a bit of free PR and a new place to call home.


Fast forward four months.

HCP United is one-third of the way through the first ever go!-celerator program. Having completed the unique process of gBg!’s branding and marketing exercises, HCP United has been pushed to discover and effectively communicate exactly who we are on both an internal and external level.

So who is HCP United?

Thanks in part to the go!-celerator, I can confidently say:

HCP United is re-imaging the Health Care supply chain to reduce costs and improve the outcomes of patients across the country.

HCP United creates a unique community where healthcare professionals have access to supply chain solutions, emerging technologies, and value building opportunities, allowing them to focus on their practice and—more importantly—their patients.

HCP United shows up to work every day, determined to have a positive influence on Healthcare in our country.

HCP United’s transformation and growth as a result of  gBg! and the go!-celerator is readily evident in our sales and customer satisfaction.

That’s Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Every day, HCP United is submerged into a culture where innovation, outside of the box thinking, and entrepreneurialism is not only encouraged, it is required. goBRANDgo!’s employees and HCP United employees push each other to break the mold and challenge conventionalism.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, come down and meet us at 3301 Wisconsin Avenue and take the entrepreneurial plunge!

*Clearly, we are awesome.
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