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Industrial supply companies face some unique marketing challenges. BDC, Inc. recognized this, as few players in their marketplace were embracing new marketing trends, and even fewer truly stood out. BDC wanted to change all that.

The challenge, though, was rebranding an already well-established company while introducing innovative marketing and outreach techniques. The messaging and approach had to resonate with people in BDC’s target industries while also communicating a unique value proposition.


Much of the groundwork for BDC’s new approach was laid through a series of interviews with clients and an assessment of competitors. This allowed goBRANDgo! and BDC to build a messaging strategy that really highlighted BDC’s unique value proposition.

Those activities served as the basis for all that was to come, including a website rebuild, email marketing campaigns, direct-mail campaigns, trade show appearances, and online marketing tactics to generate new prospects.

The website rebuild focused on updating BDC’s look, including mobile-friendly layouts and improved navigation. Product pages were updated and a blog was added. Blog posts and white papers became the core of a content marketing campaign designed to create leads and work prospects down the funnel. Outreach was made more proactive.

Measures of Success

Since the brand reboot...

BDC’s overall service business has continued to grow and gain momentum, proving that awareness of this offering has increased.
Product page views are up.
Overall site traffic and repeat visitors to the site have dramatically increased.

The new BDC brand has helped BDC, Inc. position itself as the number one burner sales and maintenance firm in the region.

“Without goBRANDgo!, the sale of my company would not have been nearly as profitable.”

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