“goBRANDgo! made more impact with our marketing in one year than we have, on our own, in the past 50.”

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Marketing often goes beyond sheer rebranding, lead generation, and gaining market share. For every new brand, there is the need to get control of an existing brand. For every lead generation campaign, there is a need for attracting and retaining top talent. And for every attempt to increase market share, there’s a need to teach employees how to market themselves, too.

This was the situation that The Charles L. Crane Agency found itself in. They wanted to be able to stand out in a crowded market, attracting both prospects and top talent.

As an added challenge, many Crane Agency employees operated in independent groups and used various different methods in their marketing. The corporate headquarters of Crane Agency wanted to support and empower these employees, teaching them to market themselves and the firm as a whole…while still maintaining a consistent look and voice.


Crane partnered with goBRANDgo! to help transform the firm’s image and gain market exposure, trusting them to guide the firm’s strategy and remake its image.

The first step was to facilitate a meeting with Crane Agency’s 30-plus shareholders, developing action plans around core strategies of marketing the firm, training brokers, and finding ways to build and promote the Crane Agency brand as a whole.

What initially started as a small project has turned into a powerful partnership. Through ongoing efforts, goBRANDgo! is supporting Crane as it grows its base of brokers and aims to establish itself not only as the oldest insurance brokerage firm in St. Louis, but the top one as well.

Measures of Success

The chapter on Crane’s success is still being written. But there are plenty of healthy signs that the agency is growing in the right direction:

Unified sales process built from Best practices of top producers
Broker Development Training program
Updated website that has increased time on site by 3x
Increased visibility of Crane Brand in St. Louis market

"The insurance industry is old, and few competitors stick out. Getting the client a new look that respected their history was important."

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