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Getting most men to even admit a problem is tough. So imagine trying to market a low-testosterone solution to enough men to sustain a business.

That was the mire that a small clinic in Omaha, Nebraska, was in just a few years ago. They were doing under $1 million in revenue and had a huge appetite for more. But a manic rush to keep up with their marketing and customer service needs meant they were always going hungry.

Back then, Low T St. Louis was little more than a hope and a dream. That changed when Kevin Meuret and Brandon Dempsey first met over lunch at Bristol’s. (Worth going for the lobster specials, btw.) It became apparent that Kevin’s companies needed a systematic marketing infrastructure that could scale and propel his business forward. And it needed to produce firm, measurable results. Naturally.


Step one was to take stock of what the company was spending their marketing dollars on. Things that were working stayed; things that were not working were removed or replaced.

Step two was to rebuild the online infrastructure for the Nebraska clinics, which included rebuilding both their websites and their social media pages. Elements such as live chat and white paper downloads were incorporated, and the site as a whole got an SEO makeover. goBRANDgo! also enhanced their traffic with ad retargeting, Google local listings, and automated email marketing campaigns. To make it all gel, the team added a good dose of marketing automation and also set up tracking for radio and other traditional advertising media.

In working through the Brand Platform, honing the message was critical to making sure it appealed to the target market: men. Once that was done, our team expanded Low T’s tactics to include local trade shows, direct mail, and radio campaigns around that message. The marketing plan created a funnel where people heard about Low T on the radio or from direct mail, Googled and found the web page, downloaded one of our white papers, and then booked appointments. This mix of online and offline tactics was built to increase the dollar amount per lead—a measurable metric that could tell us whether we were achieving our goals, or not.

Throughout the process, marketing automation kept clients informed and reduced the workload on internal staff. This kept client service high even during a period of explosive growth.

Measures of Success

That fateful lunch began a partnership that expanded the Nebraska locations and launched St. Louis as a completely new market. What was once a small clinic in Omaha is now quickly becoming the industry leader in the Midwest, with continued expansion and growth plans. goBRANDgo! laid the groundwork for a marketing program that produced consistent results.

Low T St. Louis learned that marketing can and does pay for itself from new business generated. Hiring a team of marketing specialists maximizes the impact of those marketing dollars, creating a full prospect pipeline while lowering barriers to the close. But all this can only be achieved if there is a serious commitment and a focus on actual results.

"Before goBrandgo!, there was no way to tell what marketing tactics were working. After goBrandgo!, everyone knew what wasn’t working—and why."

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