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In an extremely competitive niche industry, how do you stand out and show your unique value proposition?

That was the question folks were asking at Copper Peak Logistics, a company specializing in storage and fulfillment for wine and other specialty products. Copper Peak was—and still is—proud of its white-glove service and ability to deliver on their promises, and with good reason. But several competitive new players were emerging on the scene, and older companies were expanding. Copper Peak needed to find compelling ways to communicate with their audience, not just talking about themselves, but also addressing the challenges and needs of customers and prospects.


It was clear to the goBRANDgo! team that Copper Peak’s commitment to white-glove service and flawless fulfilment were not just good practice, but strengths that could be built upon. What needed to change was how this logistics company reached out to prospects and started those close working relationships.

Thus began a complete overhaul of how Copper Peak Logistics went to market. goBRANDgo! started by conducting client interviews as part of their Ideal Client Profile process, identifying ideal clients and unearthing their pain points and questions. This laid the groundwork for all future marketing efforts.

The team then created messaging designed to resonate with these clients. That messaging was deployed in direct-email marketing campaigns, an ongoing content marketing calendar, trade shows, and more. The focus was on priming the pump to create new leads every week.

Measures of Success

In an increasingly competitive industry, having a voice in the conversation matters. Copper Peak Logistics, together with goBRANDgo!, was able to launch several successful campaigns that gave them that voice—and a seat at the table.

Copper Peak Logistics is now opening another facility to accommodate the growth and has further expansion plans as it solidifies its role as the leading wine industry fulfillment operator.

"Marketing best practices change in a snap. goBRANDgo! keeps up with the latest, providing a truly “turnkey” experience."

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