Sexiest Companies – goBRANDgo! #1 Wins 12/12/11

Sexiest Companies – goBRANDgo! #1 Wins 12/12/11

My biggest win for this week was probably Belinda Joy Montegani’s Wedding.  As a former goBRANDgo!er herself, she was looking fantastic in her wedding gown.  As for the rest of the team, we had the pleasure of being a part of her fantastic moment.  If the picture doesn’t do us justice, then we don’t want to talk to you.  We have a sexy office generally, but give us a reason and we clean up to explode people’s minds.  I am pretty sure some blood pressure was raised that evening.

Great wins: BNI Cross Chapter Cocktail Event went fantastically.  A good chance to network outside of your normal circles, and a lot of fun seeing all your professional peers wrap each other in toilet paper, make a gigantic tissue mess, and try to stack apples.

New intern, Connor, doing some temp work with us, also kicking ass. No name taking, but we will teach him.

Had a meeting at Jilly’s Cupcake bar with Dan and Risa from V-Kool.

Brandon and Derek were finally accepted into EO ( Entrepreneurs Organization).  Huge win, like world series win.  That was like the world series of entrepreneurship.  A lot of people play, we win. Just a little bit empowergizing.

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