Smiles are Contagious- so is Teamwork and culture

Smiles are Contagious- so is Teamwork and culture

Smiles are contagious and so is hard work.   I have spoken with many business owners over the past few months about what it takes to build a culture of positivity and hard work ethic.  We have discussed at great lengths what building a team and culture takes and how we’ve done it at goBRANDgo!

I think it comes down to a few simple elements.

  1. Smile often and for no reason.
  2. Look at every situation as a challenge that awaits a solution.
  3. Stop to say Thank You.
  4. Ask to pull.

Smile often and for no reason.  Smiling makes you and those around you just feel better.  It sets a tone of good vibes, cohesiveness, and positive feelings.  Positive people work harder, feel more like a team, and enjoy being around one another.  Smiling is like yawning… Try it… Smile at someone you don’t know and watch what happens.  I bet you 9 out of 10 will smile back, there’s just something inate in our nature that wants to feel good.  Push positive feelings out and you will get positive tones back.

Look at every situation as a challenge that awaits a solution.  In other words be SOLUTION FOCUSED.  This is hard for those who like to wallow in despair, but seeing situation in need of a solution keeps one sharp and always problem solving.  The people I have the fortune of working with are always looking for solutions.   And because they are solution focused, answers to problems come much quicker for them then others.  Additionally, when they have something that seems insurmountable, they are quick to ask for help.  All of this breads culture focused on solving problems and quickly advancing.

Stop to say Thank You.  This is something that I don’t think we do enough.  Study after study after study shows us that the number one reason people leave jobs is because they feel that their work doesn’t matter, they don’t make a difference, or no one cares. Stopping to tell someone thank you is like a boost of positive energy that invigorates someone.  Whether it’s for something small or large, every thank you one gives is a boost of support for someone.

Ask to pull.  At goBRANDgo! we have a culture of Wins, but also a strong culture of PUSH/PULL.  That means that while everyone in the organization pushes one another to do more, perform better, be quicker, and innovate, we are always looking for opportunities to pull items off one another’s plates.  This means that we push one another to do more of what they are GOOD at and pull the things off their plate that we could do quicker or that would make their day easier. This constant push pull makes sure we keep a healthy balance of positive motivation and support.

Smiles are contagious and hard working people push other hard working people to do more.  Both are like perpetual motion machines driving each other to greater heights.  Take the time to smile, stay solutions focused, stop to say thank you, and ask to pull.  For theses simple elements propel teams to great heights.  And to be honest, the view from up here is AWESOME.  Thank you Derek, Lisa, Katie, Jessica, Camron, Rob, and Sherri for giving me the opportunity to see from this view.

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