Social Media Scavenger Hunt #goSocial

Social Media Scavenger Hunt #goSocial

You made it!

Here are the questions and criteria for our go!-Getter series #goSocial Scavenger Hunt! The grand prize will go to the first person to complete all requirements and to respond to and with the answers to the questions.


  1. Like goBRANDgo! on Facebook (If you already have, then you’re already there!)
  2. Become a Subscriber to goBRANDgo!’s YouTube (If you already are, then you’re already there!)
  3. Become a Follower of goBRANDgo! on Twitter (If you already are, then you’re already there!)
  4. Get Connected with goBRANDgo! on LinkedIn (If you already are, then you’re already there!)


  1. On Facebook: What speaker mentioned us in their keynote speech in August?
  2. On LinkedIn: What is Joy Mantegani’s full official title?
  3. On Twitter: How many tweets has the goBRANDgo! account tweeted?
  4. On YouTube: What two vocations does Gaby Mention in her “Director’s Cut” clip?

Bonus Tiebreaker Question:

  • What character delivered gifts and treats to the goBRANDgo! offices?

Now email us with your answers, and we’ll announce the winner via Social Media (duh!)!

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