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Stay Focused on the Ideal Outcome

“…we don’t just ‘do marketing’. We lead our clients to envision the best possible version of their future, identify the steps it will take to get them there, and then execute that plan.”

To many of our clients, we aren’t just their outsourced marketing department. We are their confidantes, their most trusted advisors, and sometimes even their therapists. That’s because we don’t just “do marketing”. We lead our clients to envision the best possible version of their future, identify the steps it will take to get them there, and then execute that plan.

This process of discovery leaves our clients mentally and emotionally charged – or, as we like to say, “empowergized”. Once ignited, harnessing that creative and emotional energy is often challenging.

Transferrable Lessons
Lead our clients to do fewer things, better

With this client, we worked with a committee of partners with a lot of different ideas. We had to consistently pull ourselves out of reaction mode in order to address the many requests for deliverables that came from different directions. Here’s what we learned:

  • Establishing a clear marketing plan and outlining the client’s ideal outcome and areas of focus is crucial, especially when our clients are vibrant brainstormers
  • We are the guardrails of the relationship, and own the success of our initiatives
  • We’re not order takers; we’re the experts. We learned to repeat that to ourselves constantly.
  • It’s our responsibility to not allow dollars to be spent on deliverables that don’t advance the client toward their ideal outcome.
  • During our Brand Messaging Exercise, we quickly realized this client didn’t fully know what they wanted their overall message to be. They offer a wide array of services and had never created one all encompassing form of messaging. Previously, they had been deciding what their message would be based on what the client wanted and which area of business the prospect led them to. goBRANDgo! helped them take a step back and view their company as a whole, rather than a sum of parts.
We’re architects, not firefighters

If we were just our client’s marketing department, we’d say “yes!” and slide down the proverbial pole every time our clients rang the alarm – the emails saying, “we want to do a mailer” or “let’s do this ad”. At goBRANDgo!, we’re more than that. We build plans to guide our clients toward their ideal outcome, and while we remain flexible, we ultimately stay focused on the end goals. We got a lot of practice….

  • Thinking before we respond. Saying yes is easy, but it’s not always right. We do what’s right.
  • Calmly fielding many varying requests and responding according to a mutually-agreed-upon plan.
We help our clients see the big picture

As a business owner, it’s challenging to focus on the important things, while there are hundreds of urgent things distracting us.  goBRANDgo! sees this often with our clients. We pull our clients “out of the weeds” and help them remember to consider the big picture when making decisions on marketing tactics and business in general.   

  • We take time to align our team with our clients around a small number of focused, measurable ideal outcomes. From there, we build a highly specific marketing plan oriented toward those goals.
  • We consistently refer to our marketing plan in day-to-day conversations with our clients, using it as a guideline for what to focus our energy on.
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