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  • *or someone who works with manufacturers

Imagine what your company could get done with $150,000. Now imagine you could get all of that done for half the cost.

Great news! There’s a U.S. government grant that can make it a reality. The Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms’ mission is to help manufacturers like you grow and compete by offering a dollar-for-dollar match in funding for the strategic initiatives that companies like yours need to implement in order to win in the marketplace.

Grant Uses

  • • E-commerce
  • • Social media
  • • Trade shows
  • • Market research and planning
  • • Advertising and sales promotion
  • • Website development, updating, translations, and smartphone compatibility
  • • Distribution analysis and development
  • • Sales force management programs
  • • Product line evaluation
  • • Export and international trade development
  • • ISO preparation and registration
  • • Quality assurance
  • • Product development, design, prototype and testing
  • • Product certification
  • • Operation analysis
  • • Productivity improvement (LEAN, Six Sigma)
  • • Process engineering
  • • Inventory management
  • • Facility and equipment review
  • • CAD/CAM selection and implementation
  • • Financial and general management
  • • Debt restructuring
  • • Cost management
  • • Strategic planning
  • • Expansion and diversification
  • • Workforce development and training
  • • Organizational analysis
  • • Compensation and incentive programs
  • • Succession planning
  • • Employee training
  • • Integrated manufacturing systems
  • • Hardware evaluation, software upgrades
  • • System conversion and enhancements
  • • Custom programming
  • • E-commerce

Who Qualifies?

Mid-America TAAC (Trade Adjustment Assistance Center) personnel work with each manufacturing firm individually to determine whether they qualify. Their experts analyze each company’s financial situation to see if there has been at least a five percent decline in sales or employment. Mid-America TAAC personnel also research industry specific data to discover if their specific business is facing increased import activity.

How it Works



Get connected to the Trade Adjustment Assistance Center
 (TAAC) expert team.



The TAAC team will relieve your 
team of the burden of organizing your paperwork and complete your application at no cost.



The TAAC will complete a thorough assessment of your business and category, and prepare a detailed recovery strategy.



The TAAC will submit an adjustment proposal to the Economic Development Agency (EDA) for 
final funding approval.



Private sector experts or consultants for United States manufacturers will execute your strategic initiatives.



The TAAF grant pays half of project costs directly to the consultant or professional service provider.