Taming Technology/Welcoming Growth/Finding the right Partners

Taming Technology/Welcoming Growth/Finding the right Partners

Last week was a great week of learning due to growth.  What we’ve been experiencing here at goBRANDgo! is just awesome, but comes with it’s own set of challenges and demands associated with expansion.  Let me give you some brief examples and share how we are moving forward and now have wins!


  • Starting off we had one phone line and when it rang we answered.  Since only Derek, Lisa, and myself were in the office and we all had cell phones, it was no problem to have 1 line.
  • At the beginning of this year we needed more lines and signed up for a virtual PBX with Charter Communications, thus expanding to 4 lines.  We went through nothing but problems to get it set up and now have to abandon it because it really doesn’t work.  Sorry Charter, another failed attempt, oh and yes customer service was of absolutely no help!
  • Currently, we are getting a new phone system installed by ISSI -(Thanks Bill!) and will be rolling to a full VOIP solution with phones on everyone’s desk. This is exciting because we can now transfer calls without having to have the person run to your desk to answer one of our 3 phones!  Very exciting!
  • Win=badass phone system that will allow us to conference and talk to our customers and partners easier!


  • We started out by setting up hosting accounts individually for our clients and setting up their sites on THEIR own hosting.  = bad idea because when a site is down, clients were still calling us and saying we had to get it back up- when in reality it was the hosting providers fault.
  • Next we started hosting sites for our clients and I developed a system for sending sites in virtual hosting.  We lassoed 27 servers together and created virtual hosting accounts.  This was a great solution until goDaddy started letting other people do this and our clients sites started having database connection issues.
  • Fast forward we have now teamed up with Throttlenet (Thanks guys!) to set up a massive hosting infrastructure that we are actively managing.  We are now basically an IT firm managing servers with the capability for some impressive sites.


  • We first started our mail as POP mail and it worked for storing on the site.
  • Next we moved to IMAP with goDaddy and liked it, but lacked the ability to sync calendars easily.  We used a service called Tungle, but with more and more employees, found it cumbersome.
  • Then we decided to go Google Apps (thank you google)  We are enjoying Google Apps as it is a lot like Microsoft Exchange and gives us Chat, Email, Calendars, and Docs that are sweet to use and collaborate.

Thus my wins all surround our growth and finding the right partners to assist us with it.

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