Are You Marketing Like a B52 Bomber?

Are You Marketing Like a B52 Bomber?

written by Derek Weber

We’ve all seen the war movies where the bombers go high above buzzing around the enemy target dropping bomb after bomb to the ground below.  Dozens and dozens of huge explosions occur, and the bombers do their best to hit the target, but the odds are pretty low, so they just keep dropping more.  All the while enemy planes and anti-aircraft bullets are buzzing by the cockpit, sometimes clipping a wing or even worse knocking a plane out of the sky.  The adrenaline rush from just watching this scenario play out is exhilarating.  The anticipation of a direct hit on the target among all the action makes for high suspense.

We’ve also seen in the movies and even on CNN, laser guided missiles being launched towards an enemy target.  Very calm, yet tense moments.  It typically involves a handful of highly ranked officials standing around a monitor with a green picture showing the target directly in the cross hairs getting closer and closer, and then boom, the screen goes blank; direct hit, mission accomplished.  The people in uniform turn from the screen, they shake hands or salute each other and walk away.

Now obviously, the bombers flying around dropping bombs on everything is much more exciting, but is much less effective.  The laser guided missile does take much more time, research, and funding up front, but pays off in a very high success rate, with low collateral damage and a very low mortality rate for the “good guys”.

Marketing works in much the same way.  You can go out and throw a ton of money at TV/radio/magazine/newspaper ads, which can be a pretty exciting form of advertising.  You’ll probably even get calls from your friends and family about how they saw your ad and how cool it was…but the problem is, all you can do is hope that some of the other people reading/seeing your ad is in your targeted demographic, but you just don’t really know.  You’ve covered the area with “bombs” but a single one hit the target you were going for?  On the other hand, you can take your time up front for a more targeted marketing mission, finding and marketing to only your ideal clients with pin-point precision.  These are the types of marketing programs the team at goBRANDgo! is pumping out every day for our clients’ continuing success.

We do the research up front to find who could benefit greatest by your product/service and then tailor-make a marketing program to directly target them.  We create a program that will convey your message in a way that will appeal to them and make them say “I have got to call this company.”  Only when you use laser-guided targeted marketing practices will you get the most mileage for your marketing time and money.

Derek Weber
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