Passion & Positive Energy

go!-mates are more than really good looking marketing nerds.  The creative energy in the air of our Benton Park space inspires us as we brainstorm the best solutions for you and your business. When not connected to a laptop or a whiteboard, you might spot us walking to the Mud House for a mid-afternoon coffee, or down on a Cherokee Street patio at our Friday team lunch.

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Brandon Dempsey
"The thrill of the win and constant pursuit of the horizon."

Brandon is the driving force behind the strategy side of the business, spending his time focused on building relationships with fellow entrepreneurs across not only the US, but the world. When he isn’t crushing it in any of his 25+ weekly meetings, he gives his time to several nonprofit organizations, most notably as the Global Chair for EO Accelerator, a worldwide organization that helps entrepreneurs ignite their businesses. Brandon radiates positive energy wherever he goes, and he goes a lot of places - traveling the world on his BMW motorcycle and completing Ironman triathlons. Any conversation with Brandon will leave you empowergized and ready to conquer your professional and personal goals.

Jamie Rule
VP of Strategy
"Deconstruct to reconstruct."

Jamie leads our strategy department with knowledge of all things marketing and analytics...the likes of which have never been seen at goBRANDgo! until she was placed in our offices by the angels. She leads the charge both on creating marketing strategies for her clients, as well as organizing, managing, and recruiting for new positions at goBRANDgo!. Her 17 years of agency experience help our team and our company level up every day. When she's not working, Jamie enjoys hopping on a flight to Florida and taking her family on day trips to Disney World.

Nicole Turner
Creative Director
"Feed adventure. Cherish the roots."

As Creative Director, Nicole spends her days at goBRANDgo! feeding the inspiration of the go!team, leading brainstorm sessions and coaching her fellow creatives. Nicole’s Wins Post-Its always celebrate the accomplishments of our go!mates, and she never misses the chance to recognize others for #newskillslearned. When the iced coffee comes out and the headphones go on, Nicole is busy producing intuitive design, acquiring new knowledge, and collaborating with the strategy team to accomplish our clients’ goals. Nicole is a proud South City resident who is passionate about our community, attending cultural events, hot sauce, homegrown produce, and all aesthetically beautiful things.

Olivia Oppelt
Account Manager
"Give cheerfully to receive abundantly."

Olivia is Lady of the Tasks at goBRANDgo!. She keeps her clients and go!mates on their toes with her cheerful, yet relentless email reminders, making sure every project is delivered on time, and on budget. She loves traveling, her pups, and of course, coffee. Because people who don’t understand coffee are not to be trusted.

Jake Gingerich
Behavioral Information Analyst
"Learning to understand. Understanding to serve."

Jake hails from Edwardsville, Illinois, and is a recent graduate of Missouri Baptist University, where he majored in marketing and was active in student government. Jake has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a passion for developing strategies that help businesses grow. In his free time, he reads books on business marketing and theology and travels on mission trips to Indonesia. He's fondly referred to around the office as "No Bake Jake" after contributing an amazing no-bake Oreo dessert to a company potluck in his first week at goBRANDgo!.

Sam Casey
"Endless curiosity yields endless creativity."

When he’s not drooling over sexy typefaces, Sam spends his days designing everything that gets thrown his way, including, but not limited to, awesome websites. He desires to know all (true) facts contained by Wikipedia, exuding inspiration with child-like curiosity. He might be Peter Pan at heart, but he doesn’t live in Never-Never Land…this guy has some serious design and dev chops. Known around the office for his reckless confidence in drone operation and trampoline acrobatics, Sam never backs down from a challenge (or a game of PIG).

Shannon Levin
"Play, with purpose."

New Jersey native Shannon joined the go!-Team after earning her B.F.A. from Washington University in 2017. She channels striking creativity into provocative design thanks to her sharp skill set and passion for technical knowledge, especially when it comes to typography. If you’re within a 5 block radius of our office, you might also hear her laughing, because when Shannon does something, she does it BIG. When she’s not designing or dancing in her desk chair, you might find her rummaging through bins at the Goodwill outlet, creating incredible illustrations, or eating the shower.

Kendra Gilligan
Senior Strategist
Coming soon!

Kendra brings years of successful experience in brand strategy to the go!-team. Just like she did as a kid with her dad's electronics, Kendra loves to take brands and marketing strategies apart and put them back together in a way that makes them work. At goBRANDgo!, Kendra leads her clients with passion, vision, and energy...just keep that extra-large mug of Highlander Grog full!

Steph Cummings
Content Writer
"Transforming tumult into tranquility."

Steph joined goBRANDgo! in 2015 and spent three years supporting the company as Executive Assistant & Secret Weapon before becoming our Content Writer in 2018. Steph earned her B.A. in English and Creative Writing from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2007. Nothing is more satisfying to her than when the client says, "I just got the chills," after one of her famous dramatic readings. Steph is a former restaurant GM/kitchen warrior and she enjoys cooking & blogging about cooking, jigsaw puzzles, home improvement projects, and spending time with her husband & son ("The Muppet").

Zachary Selby
"Restacking simplicity for limitless growth."

Zach joined the go!-Team in 2018, bringing a variety of skills and expertise in web and digital design. Zach received his B.A. from Webster University and has enjoyed success in the agency world ever since. Our very own Icon Prince has also developed quite the penchant for t-shirt design in his days at goBRANDgo!. When he's not busy making visually impactful, awesome things, Zach spends time hanging out with his pup Frank and relaxes watching his fish in his 50-gallon home aquarium.