The Entrepreneurial Battle

The Entrepreneurial Battle

written by Derek Weber

Running a business is a battle, but one that is waged most often in the heart and mind of the entrepreneur.  I know it has never been easy trying to make a business work, but there probably has not been much harder of an era in a long time.  Does this mean we should all just pack it in and call it quits?

Absolutely not!

These are the times when it is no longer good enough to do things the way things have always been done or the way everyone else is doing them.  These are the times when you may get your butt kicked a few times while trying new things, but you have to retreat back, regroup, retool, and restrategize, then head back out for another round.  These are the times a few years from now when it will be obvious that the strong got stronger and the weak withered away, so it is up to you to decide which side you want to be on.  If you say quitting is not an option, then go out and do the damn thing, take your licks, get back up, and then do it again.  This is a battle that only ends when you say it does, so if you keep fighting, keep persevering, you will eventually find that winning strategy, and when you do, the taste victory will be so much sweeter.

Derek Weber
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