The Great Migration

The Great Migration

Every great story is about a journey and this story is no different.  This is a story about a small web development firm that fell in love with a small promo/print marketing company and hatched the brainchild, the current goBRANDgo!  Unfortunately, I was not around for the birth and the growth of this little duckling, but I shall tell you a portion of the story.

The Journey began several months ago as the duckling hit a growth spurt and was experiencing a great volume of website designs.  At that time the duckling was using a set of 27 servers down in Texas and hosting through  The Duckling was having problems keeping so many sites on these servers and dealing with the horrible virtual weather that would occasionally blow through.  The storms became so disruptive that some of the sites would get knocked down for a period and the duckling would have to keep picking them up.  The duckling didn’t stop receiving website requests and pretty soon it was going to have too many little websites waddling around on its Texan servers.

The duckling felt the natural urge to move, to spread its wings and fly.  goBRANDgo! picked up and started its data migration to St. Louis.  Over the last month goBRANDgo! has purchased a set of servers out of the local Datotel Data Center and have been slowly, in a flying V format,  moving all its websites to the new hosting.  The duckling loved the weather and has made some friends over at Throttlenet that are going to be helping care for our flourishing websites. 

The migration is still in progress, but it’s going smoothly and a huge shout out to Brian Dooley for getting this underway.  Krystyna for moving her first site, and the Team for the awesome growth.

Two more Big Wins:

Making into the Small Business Monthly again for the Top 20 Under 20, Bam! –>

Also, Brian would like to express his love for waterfowl narratives and Pentel Twist-Erase Automatic Pencils. He nearly cried, like he did on his wedding day, at the graceful arrival of these beautifully nostalgic creative utensils.

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