The History of the go! Getter Series

The History of the go! Getter Series

The go! Getter Series dates back to 2009 but like everything at goBRANDgo! has had a few make-overs since its creation.  The original idea for the go! Getter Series came from when I was attending tons of networking events, but none of them captured all the elements that I wanted.  You had events that were basically just a room full of people exchanging business cards (and hope you don’t get stuck in the corner by the over-aggressive insurance salesman), you had educational events where you would go and listen to a speaker but not really have the chance to meet anyone, and you had smaller group settings where everyone got the opportunity to introduce themselves…but none that I found had all 3 of those components.  So, like any entrepreneur, when I see something I want and it doesn’t exist, I just create it.

The first rendition of the go! Getter Series was called “Targeted Marketing Quarterly” but had the pretty much the same model as it does today.  Open networking with light snacks and drinks, followed by everyone’s elevator pitch, a great topical speaker, then more open networking.  Really the only change in the overall model is that there a lot of go! Tours conducted during the open networking times now.

With the addition of Brandon Dempsey’s Online tactics and goBRANDgo! becoming an Integrated Targeted Marketing company, a rebrand was in order.  Under Lisa Kuntz’s creative direction the new name and logo for the go! Getter Series became a reality.  With the addition of more talent to the go! Team, we felt we were now able to up the ante and move from just a quarterly event, to a monthly one with 3 main focused tracts:

1) Sales & Marketing

2) Small Business & Entrepreneurs

3) Creatives

The go! Getter Series is open for any serious go-getters looking to meet other awesome people and takes place on the 4th Wednesday of every month from 5:30-8:00.  We look forward to seeing you next month!

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