The Midwest Will Rise Again!

The Midwest Will Rise Again!

Sometimes I feel that the spirit of the midwest has been lost.

It was once known as a wild frontier; bold heroes wrote its history.

The midwest was the stage upon which men and women of unquestioned courage fought to preserve a divided, shattered nation—rebuilding it into the most powerful factory of innovation the world had seen for centuries. The players on this stage understood the magnitude of dreaming big and working hard; the worldwide audience couldn’t help but watch as our nation grew up.

Great thinkers were raised by the fields of the midwest. Away from the city noise, these men had quiet moments to reflect, to dream and to create.

photo credit: Thiophene_Guy via photopin cc

photo credit: Thiophene_Guy via photopin cc

These undercapitalized underdogs are represented by two Wright brothers in Dayton, Ohio, working late hours in their bicycle repair shop to finance experiments that would soon give the world wings to fly.

photo credit: dok1 via photopin cc

photo credit: dok1 via photopin cc

They are epitomized by an engineer from Detroit named Henry Ford, determined to produce an automobile affordable to the middle class for the first time, all while revolutionizing the manufacturing process.


photo credit: Kilgub via photopin cc

They are personified in an Ohio-born inventor, Thomas Edison, who would later channel electricity into a glass bulb, spreading light to every dark corner of the earth.

Seemingly overnight, these entrepreneurs captivated the world, teaching the thinkers to follow that failure was temporary and persistence was a state of mind.

This breed of people were hellbent on finding a way to make things work, despite the odds, despite the critics, despite the sleepless nights. Failure didn’t just mean giving up the pursuit of their dream, but rather giving up on themselves.

Now we find ourselves in a time where our country needs these heroes to rise up and for the Midwest to revive itself. It’s time to own our places as undercapitalized underdogs. A time to not accept excuses in exchange for failure.

There is hope.

Right now, in the Midwest, entrepreneurship is spreading across the prairie like wildfire. Bootstrapped companies are pushing the boundaries of technology with a force that rivals the birth of America’s industrialization a century ago.

Currently, in St. Louis, we are experiencing a migration of thinkers, doers, and creators from around the world that are revisiting the notion of dreaming big. They are putting all of their eggs in one basket…mostly, because they can’t afford two.

Here are a few you should be aware of:

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 11.49.28 AM

Arnoldo Muller-Molina, is CEO of simMachines, a provider of the fastest similarity search engine currently available. In less than 24 milliseconds, his engine can answer queries pertaining to 100 million DNA strings. Its ability to navigate, identify, and categorize big data is absolutely necessary as our world continues to become data-dependent.

Arnoldo founded simMachines in Costa Rica and relocated to St. Louis for the entrepreneurial support of Arch Grants and the local T-Rex Incubator.



This next bunch of entrepreneurs see our country’s largest challenges as an opportunity to excel. Health Care Professionals United (HCP United) consists of three guys in their early 20’s who are positioning their company to “Re-imagine the supply chain in Health Care.” As the system is getting increasingly complicated, these young entrepreneurs decided to tackle it’s inefficiencies head on. They’ve designed a supply chain that eliminates 4-6 middle men, resulting in the ability for specialized doctors in physical therapy, podiatry and chiropractic services to distribute over the counter products without inventory, management, or additional costs, allowing cost-cutting savings to be passed to the patients.

These entrepreneurs are doing their job to bring the spirit back to the Midwest by discovering solutions to incredibly complicated issues, despite adversity. It’s time we celebrate the successes of similar entrepreneurs all across the Midwest and reclaim our adventurous spirit that has been tamed over the years.

It’s time to revive the Midwest.

What startups do you know that are reviving the Midwest?

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