The Perfect Facebook Post

The Perfect Facebook Post

I hate to admit it, but one of our competitors has done it. They’ve put together the PERFECT Facebook Post! Well… Almost. I still have a few suggestions, but they’ve done a pretty bang up job.

Let’s start with the basics.

This is how it showed up on my Newsfeed:
Perfect Facebook 01
Large image. Bold type. Easy to read. WHO IS THAT GUY DOWN THERE?!

Look at all those links! Man that text is informative. Vimeo? Oh. Mygawd. Vimeo is cool.

Is that what is going through your head? Because that is basically what is going through every Facebook user on the planet’s head when they see this Samantha Stephens-esque post-magic.

Facebook users love large images. They specifically love large images with bold colors and quotes. What Atomicdust did here was create a Facebook album. It’s basically a mini-marketing-campaign. We’ll dive into that a little more in a second, but the important thing to note is that the large/main colorful image and the three accompanying images are eye-catching and very shareable. Shareable is key.

The text for the post is informative and witty. Reading it, for me, is like watching your favorite actress in a movie: You think that you could probably do better, but in reality it is darn near perfect.

There are three links in this post, which I would usually recommend against (typically you don’t want to confuse followers by giving them a variety of click options, you should push them exactly where you want to go with a single link), but in this case, I think the text does a great job to set up the context of the album. Given that it is a full album, it deserves a little extra background anyway.

Perfect Facebook 02The album itself is stunning, because of the design. The great thing about the three links is that they lead you three great places.

  1. To an Atomicdust partner. Facebook linking can be a great way to drive traffic to partners’ Pages and usually encourages them to link back or share your content in the future. It’s a social network after all folks.
  2. Link to the Atomicdust blog. Blogging is where it’s at. You should be using your blog to supply your social network accounts with fresh and unique content on a regular basis.
  3. A link to a Vimeo video. The link gives background info and credit to the inspiration of the post/presentation. Also, everyone knows Vimeo is super hip, how could you not click for more?Perfect Facebook 03

When you are posting a series of pictures, it is important to be conscious of how those pictures will appear elsewhere on your page. Like on your photos page (different from an album):

Perfect Facebook 05Looks stellar!

Or on your main navigation bar:

Perfect Facebook 06Pretty enticing to click on, eh? Even once this awesome post is further down Atomicdust’s timeline, that thumbnail picture might still show up, or the whole page of pictures on the pictures’ page, and you should be conscious of how that content looks out of context.

Where’s the room for improvement? More content.

Perfect Facebook 07This image is great. I’ll probably take it and make it my cover photo with a link to Atomicdust later, or something, but there is no extra description. You could post a link to the blog with each image, or a little quote from an employee about why your followers should love what they do. The image gets the people there, those people may or may not read more, but why not give them a little extra content to nosh on?

The best part of all of this? It is just some presentation that Atomicdust did 3 quarters ago. They did a ton of work on a project and took the slides and turned it into a promotion. It’s like taking your mom’s old poodle skirt and turning it into a rad romper with the snap of your fingers. The content is relevant, it’s already in the Atomicdust voice and appealing to their audience, all they had to do was make an album of it.

So Atomicdust put together an awesome mini-marketing-campaign in 30 minutes or less. The images from the presentation show a clear beginning, middle, and end to the album (mega bonus – people love stories with happy endings). They could have released one slide a week, adding them to the album overtime if they wanted to get super snazzy, but in this instant gratification social media world we live in, there’s no harm in hastily casting your pearls before your followers who, well, you already know REALLY like your pearls. Overall, the design, the content, came together to perfectly represent Atomicdust’s voice with little effort on their end.



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