The Strategy to Prosper

The Strategy to Prosper

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Finding clients is hard work. So many people seem to run from networking event to networking event, collecting stacks of business cards, hoping and praying that someone might someday need their services, actually remember them, and call. Truth is, they’re wasting their time.

It’s not hard to create a system; it just takes a little strategy. The first step to creating that strategy is to decide.

Step 1: Decide

Who has the greatest ability to buy your product or service? Is it a consumer, a small business owner, or a corporation? How much money are they going to have to spend on your product or service to be happy with it? We’ll use a hypothetical professional service as our example. While you know that small businesses could use your service, you know it’s most likely that only multi-state companies with Human Resource departments are prime candidates, so you’re looking for larger corporations. This–in my experience–tends to be a market with a high degree of difficulty, but the degree of difficulty doesn’t change the steps.

Now that you can see your target, determine who in the organization would want your help. In this case, looking at the HR department. Once you have that narrowed down, look at who is most likely to pay for your offering (side note–most managers don’t have check-writing authority, so stick to the directors and up as often as you can).

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