Thinking Outside of Your Box

Thinking Outside of Your Box

Recently, our outstanding fearless leader of goBRANDgo, Derek Weber, ordered some sample promo items from a vendor. Being the resourceful employee I am, I greeted the UPS man bright and early to sign for and open the package of promo items.  However, the promo items are not what grabbed my attention at first. My first peek inside this box revealed crinkled up pieces of the backs of sticky shipping labels.  This might come as quite the shock to most of you, but normally when I open a box early in the morning I rip through the bubble wrap or styrofoam popcorn to get to my destination of said item in box. This box was different though. The first thought that came to mind was our new “green” economy, and how companies are now thinking outside the box to

become more cost conscious. As the day drew on, the crinkled up backs of shipping labels grew heavier on my mind, there is a lot more to this issue than just this company saving a buck by crinkling up used paper to use as packaging for shipping.

Whether you are a liberal green oriented company using solar panels and drinking collected rainwater from a tarp on your roof, or a small marketing company that wants to empower businesses, one common goal of this green economy is to utilize our available resources more efficiently.

Yes we all want to help out the environment, but I think the majority of us also want to save money in the process. Being a part of the “green” economy is not only about saving the environment for our grandkids grandchildren, but it is about becoming more frugal and helping us put $dollars$ in our pocket.

Most entrepreneurs have created successful businesses because of their ability to be resourceful.

Opportunities to save money are all around us, but most of us are so wrapped up in our daily activities to even notice these opportunities exist.  During these tough economic times, businesses are forced to cut costs and find other options in order to stay a float.  And while some may see this as a challenge, I see it as an opportunity; a chance to improve resourcefulness, increase innovativeness and enhance efficiency.  Going into 2011 and the future green economy, as an entrepreneur, needs to be about utilizing our available resources and thinking outside the box. Use what is around you to not only better the environment, but to better your pocketbook.  Next time you think about throwing away the back of a shipping label, or the always growing pile of junk mail that sits on your desk, take a second look, you never know, it might end up saving you a couple of bucks…or maybe more.

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