Tie Your Shoes

Tie Your Shoes

As entrepreneurs, we are bombarded with adversity of many flavors. We invent it, we fall into it, we live it, and we imagine it. And, as entrepreneurs, we keep going.

But not because it gets easier.

No, that chestnut doesn’t apply to us. If we are doing it right, then entrepreneurism just gets more and more challenging every day. Every hour, sometimes. But if we look back, we should be able to see that our struggles right now wouldn’t even have been possible with our five-years-ago, year-ago, or maybe even hour-ago-selves.

That individual—the one that was living in your body at that time—had some other seemingly insurmountable task going on. That person was a chump, stressing about stuff that you do all the time now without even thinking about it!

You can go back and back and back. You can look at other treps who aren’t as far along as you. You can look at other, more successful treps. You can look at any functioning adult in your industry and space, and know that there was a day—not terribly long ago in the scope of the world—when the hardest thing that any of us had to do was to tie our shoes.

I bet you don’t think about it anymore. You just do it. You learned to tie your shoes and it was a huge deal for you. And then you did it and did it and did it over and over and over…

Fast forward to today. You’re stymied by tracking profitability in a complex system? You don’t know how to code an innovative new functionality? You can’t seem to land that next round of funding?

How does tying your shoes stack up to these challenges?

Remember when tying your shoes was the hardest thing you had to do?

I challenge you to find your laces today…whatever shape they take. Take a breath, focus, and chase the bunny around the tree and through the hole.

Today’s challenges are often forgotten in the light of tomorrows. The lesson is to not lose sight of how far you’ve come, and to know that you couldn’t be where you are today if you hadn’t tied your shoes first.

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