TV and Ad Commercials Aren't Dead!

TV and Ad Commercials Aren't Dead!

Watching this past weekend’s Super Bowl commercials brought an interesting thought to my mind, “are TV Commercials really dead…or do most of them just really suck?”  I’m starting to think the latter.

Everybody knows that in the internet search world that “Content is King” and the more you think about it, content is king in every medium.  I think that the reason that so many people fast forward through the commercials (for those of you who only watch TV on a DVR like me) is because the content (show) we are watching is what’s important and the crappy commercials are…well…boring.

It turns out that some people, sometimes, really do like commercials. Research shows that in the right environment, they might like commercials MORE than the “show” they are actually watching. Statistics show that during the 2011 Super Bowl, 54% of viewers watched the game for the commercials alone!  65% of women and 45% of men said that that they watched the game for commercials.  Combine this data with a recent poll that shows that “Brands that advertised during the game are perceived to be more trustworthy and larger players in their market.”  Hmmm… interesting, let’s break this down a bit.

TV ad revenue dropped 21.2% between 2008 and 2009, while during that same year TV viewership went up as much as 37.3% in some mediums. This trend for TV viewership is continuing on the rise at 4.3% on traditional television and 17.2% online in 2012.

What do all these numbers mean for your and your growing business?  The bottom line—video and commercials aren’t dead. They’re actually liquid gold, you just have to build them right. It may just be one of the best investments your business has made.  Consider this video for Grasshopper—a small business phone system solution.  It has over 1 million views.

And the promotional video for Dollar Shave Club—with over 9 million views.

Both these companies’ businesses are exploding people are flocking to WATCH THEIR COMMERCIALS!

Content truly is king, and a TV ad or commercial can be a great medium to drive leads when it’s done correctly. Wheck out the bio-video we did on goBRANDgo!. It’s a mini commercial, the feedback so far has been incredible.  Let me know what you think!


By Brandon Dempsey

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