We're Hiring! Do you know someone who…

We're Hiring! Do you know someone who…

We’ve had stellar success growing the marketing arm of our company and we’re looking for a marketing-specific Account Manager to keep the wins rolling in. Since awesome birds of a feather flock together, we thought you may know the perfect person to join our team as a Marketing Account Manager.

Marketing Account Manager: loves clients. passionate about marketing.

Basically, someone who:

  • Consistently talks about interesting business & marketing trends [passionate about marketing & self-education]

  • Amazes you by how much they get done every week without breaking a sweat[multi-talented with an ability to prioritize and maintain focus]

  • Always asks, “I wonder why…” or “I wonder if…” [entrepreneurially-minded]

If someone just popped into your mind, please choose from one of these three things:

  1. Forward this email to that really cool person

  2. Send britchie@goBRANDgo.com an email with their contact information

  3. Send them to our site to complete an application.

Speaking of our site, if you haven’t visited www.goBRANDgo.com in a while, you may want to make your way over there and check it out. There’s lots of great new info on our blog and fun tidbits about the company and our go!-mates on every page. Overall, it’s just a pretty cool site (well, at least we think so).

Thank you for being such an awesome go!-vangelist.

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