What Are The Turning Points In your Business?

What Are The Turning Points In your Business?

written by Derek Weber

We all have moments in our lives that years down the road we can look back and say “that was a turning point in my life.”  The funny part about these situations is that sometimes you realize the importance of the moment while it is going on but others the impact isn’t known until months or years down the road.  The same thing happens in the life of your business.  There are many road markers along the way that if changed would drastically alter the route your business has taken.

For my business, I can point to a handful or game changers.  The obvious first is the day I decided to start my business in college, then followed by my “aha” moment to go for it full time, as I wrote about in Our Story.  The next turning points were when we bought, rehabbed, and then opened our office space allowing me to hire my first employee.  The next one is when I learned about and then joined the Accelerator Program of Entrepreneur’s Organization (if any of you business owners out there are serious about learning how to best grow your business, this program is an ABSOLUTE must, if interested, email me about it).  Another very obvious one, is the rebranding process that took us from Weber Enterprise to goBRANDgo! and the amount of time I spent introspectively evaluating the direction of the business.

I am very excited to say that on June 1st, we will be making a big announcement that will reshape the future of goBRANDgo!, so stay tuned.

I am curious to know if any of you have seen the same things in your business.  Let me know what turning points have shaped the direction in your business’ life.

Derek Weber
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