What makes you GO!?

What makes you GO!?

What motivates you? When you run into an obstacle, how do you navigate yourself around it? Does someone in particular inspire you? What gets you out of bed in the morning (besides the blaring alarm clock or screaming child) and ready for the day? What makes you feel truly happy and fulfilled?

Each member of the go! Team has created their own go! Statement, which is found on the back of our business cards.  They’re like our own, personal Mission Statements. Here’s our list:

Derek:                 To Inspire and Influence Positive Change

Krystyna:            Be bold & LIVE LIFE IN ALL CAPS

Dennis:               Building myself with character(s)

Camron:             .Constantly { live-in: learn-mode; }

Rob:                     Luck is a result of hard work

Virginia:              Infusing others with the power of Green!

Joy:                      Joy, to the world.

Brandon:             The thrill of the win and constant pursuit of the horizon

Brian:                  Constantly brew ideas and laughter. Always.

Brent:                  Strive.Exceed.Repeat.

Lisa:                    Creating “aha!” moments

Katie:                  Fill your mind & heart and success will follow

Tim:                    Exploring life & connecting the possibilities

Each go! Statement has a special meaning and helps explain who we are. My go! Statement, “Infusing others with the power of Green!” refers to my desire to help others and spread my positive, motivational attitude. Nothing makes me happier than turning a negative into a positive and helping others see the “silver lining” in even the most unfortunate circumstances.

How the hell did you turn out like that, you ask? Well, I can honestly say that I have my amazing parents to thank. I grew up surrounded by inspiration, determination, and total optimism, and didn’t know that wasn’t so common until later on.

My dad, Matthew Green, is the one who really has taught be all about what determination, motivation, and staying focused on the positive really is. I don’t even think he knows what he has done, being the extremely humble man he is.

Throughout his life, he has run into some pretty major hurdles that might cause some to dwell on the negative or, quite frankly, give up entirely. As a young man, Matt seemed to have everything going for him. Originally from Detroit, he joined the seminary in the 7th grade and studied in Ireland for many years. The seminary later sent him to St. Louis to study at Webster University. It was there that he met my mom and fell in love, leaving the seminary to marry her. With his fluency in Latin, he decided to become a teacher and Matt and Josie began to build a life together.

Only three short years into their marriage (before my sister and I were even born), my dad got into a horrible car accident on his way home from work, severely breaking his neck. Rushed to the hospital, the doctors did not expect him to live through the night. Fortunately, he did make it but was pronounced paralyzed from the neck down. The doctors told him some extremely depressing things:

You will never be able to walk again.

You will never be able to move anything below your neck again.

You will never be able to work again.

You will never be able to drive again.

You will never be able to have children.

And on and on and on.

Basically, he was told that he would not be able to live a fulfilling life anymore. But he chose to not accept that. He fought, and he fought hard. Through complete dedication and a great deal of hard work in physical therapy, he slowly gained some use of his shoulders, arms, fingers, and even some use of his legs and toes.

Wheelchair-bound for the rest of his life, Matthew didn’t let that stop him. He went back to work and became a very successful and respected teacher. He even went back to school and completed not one, but two masters degrees and then his doctorate in Latin. To help pay for all of this, my dad picked up two other jobs on the side.

And he would absolutely not let go of his dream of having children. After years of trying without success, they started the adoption process. It was then that Josie became pregnant with my older sister, Catherine, and two years later with me. Everyone saw it as a miracle, something that was not “supposed” to ever be able to happen, just like every other accomplishment my dad made after his car accident.

My sister and I were raised to be strong, motivated, and optimistic go-getters. Work hard and never lose sight of your dreams. You can do some pretty amazing things if you set your mind and heart to it. Have faith in yourself and always help others. Never give up…never. This is what my father has taught me. He has built me into the person that I am today. Thank you Dad; I love you so much.

Whoever is reading, please share your story with us. What has given you motivation? Can you think up your very own go! Statement? What gets you up everyday and keeps you going?

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