What the Heck Happened Here?!

What the Heck Happened Here?!

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A guy leaves for one little week of vacation, and everything gets turned upside down!

You read right. I spent the last week in our nation’s capital, honeymooning with my beautiful bride. We went everywhere, ate everything, and still could have stayed for another month without even scratching the surface of hardcore relaxation. The cherry blossoms were out, we stayed at a delightful bed and breakfast (the Uptown Intown Inn), and met and talked to scads of interesting people. In short, I couldn’t have asked for a better time or better company.

I returned to find out that spring had sprung, without so much as a winter to warn me. My lush, jungly lawn needed mowing again, and with that came plans for future landscaping and a possible homebrew shed where some grass used to stand.

When I came back to the office, my old computer had been appropriated, with a shiny Macbook Pro left in its place. Actually, not even in its place, because I came back to find that I now had a corner window office! On top of that, my friend Tim was leaving to pursue a great opportunity elsewhere in our fair city, leaving me with only everyone else in the office to help welcome new employee Bob and two interns-cum-full-time-employees Connor and Stevee!

Now I’m playing catch-up. I’m trying to get all of the new software and old files on my new computer, get information downloads of everything I missed while I was gone from everyone who worked so hard while I wasn’t, and mentally mapping out the new contours of our ever-changing little business.

It’s a good thing I’m a positive person, because otherwise it’d be hard to handle all of this R&R, opportunity, and growth!

Congratulations to everyone who deserves it, and I look forward to hearing if anybody has anything GOOD to write about!

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