What Type of Video Do I Need?

What Type of Video Do I Need?

I love our clients. They ask the best questions. And that’s exactly why I’m putting together a “What Clients Ask About Video” blog series. So let’s kick this thing off with an excellent question:

What type of video do I need?

There are so many types of videos out there. Most video production houses specialize in a certain type or style. Here are some examples of video types we offer at goBRANDgo!

Bio/About Us

Like the biography on your Twitter profile, a Bio Video gives a snapshot view about a person, group, organization or company. It’s typically brief and surface level, not diving too far into details.
Example-gbg bio video:


A Product or Demo video shows off a product or demonstrates how to use a product or service. It often illustrates features and benefits of a product or service.
Example-Connexio Media:

Customer Testimony

An excellent way to show off your company is to have someone else say how great you are. That’s what a customer testimony does for you.

Motion Graphics

Similar to animation, a motion graphics video makes still graphics come alive with movement and sound. Sometimes, that’s exactly what you need. Check out this version we did for adFreeq:

And mix video and motion graphics to get something like this:

Can’t decide or don’t know? We can talk through all the options with you!

Next in the series: Why does it cost so much to make a video?

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