Where did you spend your go!-cation?

Where did you spend your go!-cation?

Happy summer! It’s hard to believe it’s already August. Where has the time gone? For a lot of folks, some time was spent taking a vacation, or as we call them at goBRANDgo!, go!-cations. Anyone that knows me has heard me say, “I work to live; not live to work.” And one of my favorite ways to live is taking a go!-cation. Whether it’s an overnight out of town, a weekend out of state, or a few weeks out of the country, a go!-cation is an awesome way to relax, reflect, and rejuvenate. It’s like hitting your very own RESET button.

One of our graphic designers, Krystyna, just returned from a week in Florida. Derek, a co-owner, recently returned from a trip to Korea and the Philippines. In both cases, you can see the result: smiling, happy, and ready to go! again. But don’t think it’s only about the sun and fun. Each of their trips included  meeting  new people (another awesome part of go!-cations!) and learning more about what makes them go. While Krystyna was handing out her business card on the beach, Derek was setting up a meeting with a couple he met in Korea that will need a website when they return to the states later this year. No matter where we go, we love helping others — and their business — grow. It’s in our blood; it’s a part of our DNA.

I’m looking forward to helping a few clients grow their business. From Insight Title, a premiere title agency headquartered in Creve Coeur, to Zack Smithey, an amazing process artist whose Materialization of Sound series needs to be seen to be believed, I feel like, in a marketing way, I’m hitting the reset button for their organization. I’m also excited to recent join a BNI St. Louis Chapter in Kirkwood, Success Builders, which will further expand my network and provide an excellent opportunity to meet more awesome people. It’s like taking a different go!-cation every day.

Oh, yeah. There’s that Mexican Riviera cruise in October, too.

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