Whiteboard Wisdom Overview

Whiteboard Wisdom Overview

My name is Derek Weber, and you could say I have a bit of a whiteboard problem…

In the offices of goBRANDgo! we now have over 260 sq ft of whiteboard space, which is the equivalent of nearly 22 standard 4’x3’ boards.  We have 12 footers, 8 footers, square ones, rectangle ones, ones with doors, and ones with wheels…and that’s pretty much just on the 2nd floor.  When my wife and I moved out of the building and bought our house in Glendale, I bet you can guess what the first (and second) things that were hung up on the walls…it wasn’t family photos or pieces of art, it was first a 4’x3’ and then an additional 8’x4’ whiteboard of goodness.

As I’ve often told people, “The magnitude of an idea is only limited by the depth of your imagination…and the size of your whiteboard.”

In the spring of 2012 we decided to add in a quick little lesson, perspective, or thought-provoking whiteboard session at the end of our Monday Morning Weekly Huddles.  After a few of these whiteboard sessions, the comment was made that if our team was deriving value and lessons from them, then more likely than not, others would as well.

So in remaining aligned with one of our core values to Courageously Communicate with Honest and Transparency, we decided to take the lessons off our whiteboards and bring them to you in the form of “Whiteboard Wisdoms”.

Each week we will be sharing a video of the Whiteboard Wisdom I’ve shared with the team.  This will give you an insider’s view of what is going on with our company—the good, the bad, and the (hopefully) interesting.  Based on our experiences working with entrepreneurs, we also know that other businesses are more likely than not, facing some of the same things we are, so we hope you’ll be able to draw some parallels and insights for your business.

We look forward to these posts initiating and stimulating some awesome conversations among great entrepreneurially-minded people. We hope that you will learn, contribute, and share in the conversation, because the more opinions and expertise expressed in this forum, the more we all can benefit.

With that…I hope you enjoy our Whiteboard Wisdoms!

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