Who Cares About Google? Your Customers Do!

Who Cares About Google? Your Customers Do!

So many people in business don’t see the point in investing in Search Engine Optimization.  The common statements I hear are:

1.     I deal with my customers on a relationship basis.
2.     No one is going to buy from me off my website.
3.     I have a better product than my competitors, but can’t afford to show it online.
4.     My website hasn’t made me any money in the past.
5.     Who cares if people can find me online.

My answer to all of this is, “Your customers are already looking for your product and your SERVICE online, why not make it easier to find you?”  Most of our client’s web sites don’t sell products online directly, but inform potential customers of the services they provide so that the appropriate meetings can be set up.

Search Engine Optimization doesn’t automatically sell your products, it just helps potential customers find you by making your website easier for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and MSN to read and index your web site.  Taking time to properly tag, title, and describe your content tells the search engines what is important to look at and what they should display.  When customers type in specific search terms relevant to your products and services, a properly optimized site will appear.  The more time you spend on SEO the more information the search engines have to display.

Use Google and other search engines as an asset.  They WANT to help you connect with customers, but you have to have good content and good information that can be easily read. Google is here to help you grow your business, so let it already!  To receive a copy of “The 3 Key Elements To Ranking On Google,” contact me below!

Brandon Dempsey
BDempsey (at) goBRANDgo.com

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